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Monday, October 02, 2006

Denny Hastert Makes It Too Easy

As Foleygate continues to blaze a trail through the House GOP leadership, folks is starting to pick up on the Gay angle. At first it was mostly referred to inappropriate contact with "a minor" or "a page" or any number of genderless references. That lasted about 36 hours. Now, it's pretty much SOP to bring up that Foley and the page are both dudes. (This coincides precisely with my exposure to right wing takes on the scandal.)

So the gay-baiting shoe's dropped, and folks is starting to make with the funny and all, so I'm left wondering: how long into the scourging of Hastert will it take before someone remembers Denny was a junior high wrestling coach? Used to coach the world's most homoerotic sport. Cute little butts bouncing in the air, and all that. This seems like an untapped goldmine.


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